• Getting to Know Mrs. Lauinger

    Interviewed by Faith S., India W., and Sophia C. 

    Faith: How long have you worked at Kiva?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I have been at Kiva for 12 years!



    India: If you could be a new color in a box of crayons, what color would you be and why?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I would be a soft, powder blue. It’s such a peaceful color.



    Sophia: What did you do before you started working at Kiva?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I had the opportunity to stay home and raise my three boys.


    Faith: What is the kindest thing you’ve seen happen at Kiva?

    Mrs. Lauinger: That's a tough one, because I see kind things happen here all the time. Recently though, I saw one of my students struggling with a particular concept, and another student said “I’ve learned a really good way of teaching that. Can I show them?” The first student was so excited that a friend wanted to help them, and he was able to learn from them and get his work done. It just brightened both of the students days!



    India: Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school, and why?

    Mrs. Lauinger: My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher. She was Hawaiian, and every year she put on a Luau with her class. We all had our own ukuleles, and she taught us all how to play them the correct way. It was so much fun!



    Sophia: What was your favorite book growing up, and why?

    Mrs. Lauinger: My favorite book was the Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. It’s just a special book for so many reasons. The messages are so meaningful, even now as an adult.



    India: Use one word to describe Kiva.

    Mrs. Lauinger: AMAZING!



    Sophia: What do you like to do in your free time?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I like to go hiking and spend time with my family.


    Faith: What’s your favorite movie?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I love the movie, Grease. Do you know that movie?

    Faith: *Tee hee hee... No!*

    Mrs. Lauinger:  It's so good! I just love the music and the dancing. My family likes to watch it together, so it’s a great memory movie.

    Sophia: What would you do if you were invisible for one day?

    Mrs. Lauinger: If I could be invisible for just one day, I would probably make students laugh by pulling silly little gags. Then everyone would be laughing and having a great day!


    India: What do you think the secret to a good life is?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I think the secret is happiness and being kind. Just like everything we teach at Kiva with our Be Kind pledge. Being encouraging, supportive, positive, helpful, honest, considerate, thankful, responsible, respectful and a friend! Those are all key to living a great life.


    Faith: What do you hope people remember you for?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I hope people remember me for being a kind and helpful teacher.


    Sophia: What’s your favorite thing about teaching in a Special Education LRC Classroom?

    Mrs. Lauinger: In my classroom I work with small groups of students; one, two or three students at a time. When I work with them one-on-one, I feel like I really get to help them improve their skills, which helps them to really feel good about themselves and what they're achieving.


    India: What is your dream vacation?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I'd love to go to the beach, especially somewhere in the Caribbean where the water is so warm you can just walk right in. It would be so relaxing and peaceful!

    Sophia: What is something about you that we might not already know?

    Mrs. Lauinger: I’ve been married to my husband for over 25 years, and we have been friends since we were very little. I have a picture of the two of us riding a carousel together when we were just 3 and 4 years old! 


    Faith: Why did you choose to teach at Kiva?

    Mrs. Lauinger: Because my own children went to school here, and they loved being here. When I decided to get back into teaching I thought, “I just really want to be a part of the school community at Kiva.” The teachers here are so amazing, it’s like my second family!